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Flos Olei 2016 - Published

Saturday, 28.11.2015


With a lot of hard work, love and care Sparta Groves entered as a new company for the first time the Flos Olei competition for the best olive oils.
The olive oil samples we sent were produced a year ago and Sparta Groves was selected among 1500 companies worldwide as one of the best olive oils.
Our rank is 87 which is considered as very good!
On Nov 28th in Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome, Flos Olei presented the awarded companies in a great event.
This years Sparta Grove's October and November handpicked production of varieties, like the rare Athinoelia( the oldest Greek variety and the flagship of the Greek varieties).
The university of Athens in cooperation with Davis university in USA and the World Olive Center found that the total number of Polyphenols is 1106 mg/Kg, which is more than five times higher than world standard.
The Olecanthal is 336 mg/Kg, a 2.5 times higher than worldwide average.
Last week the Murtoelia variety was harvested, a sub variety of Koroneiki which is also a local variety in Monemvasia. Handpicked, hands selected and cold pressed the same day. This harvest will not be filtered for have the maximum of aromas, fruitiness, bitter and pungent.
We have already received the first chemical analysis and they show an exceptional and rare good olive oil. In next week we will continue harvesting the Koroneiki variety.
The Oct-Nov harvest of oils were presented to the public and to sommeliers (olive oil tasters) during the Flos Oleis event last Saturday. They got an exceptional welcome as one of the best olive oils.
We are sure we will get a top score up to 99-100 on next year Flos Olei.