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Our Story

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Among the snowy peaks of Taygetos and the deep blue Aegean Coast, in the Peloponnese, in Laconia, with capital Sparta, is the heart and soul of Greece.

In this beautiful scenery are our homes, our fields and our groves. Here with tradition, passion, technology and expertise we produce one of the most award-winning * Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

For six generations at least recorded but in fact from Memoirs years, the family cultivates olives, basic ingredient of daily food of the Greeks. In particular the area of ​​Sparta, the expression "bread & olive" reflects the experience of millennia, it means that the oil along with bread offers all the primary ingredients for the survival, health and well-being of man.

Four years ago, Dimitris a native inheritance and a successful businessman, , had the good idea to pack and export this family olive oil for the occasion called "SPARTA GROVES" and also integrated in this venture, more and more small producers, who understand, amid the economic crisis, the need for more qualitative and efficient production of our green gold.

As the website points out: http://www.bestoliveoils.com:

"For centuries, Greek extra virgin olive oil has been used by producers in other countries to enhance their blends. Now, in the midst of a financial crisis, Greek olive oil producers are determined to take their rightful place on the world stage by distinguishing their brands and promoting the distinctive flavors and unique profiles of Greek olive oils."


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