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Our Location

In Sparta Groves, our olive oil production combines traditional knowledge with modern technology, producing some of the best quality olive oil in Greece. The family owns more than 2500 olive trees, which yield an average production of 15 tons of extra virgin olive oil every year. In a cooperative with our neighboring farms we cultivate 30,000 olive trees and an approximate yearly production of 200 tons a year. Our main product at Sparta Groves is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is produced, harvested and bottled with mechanical means only from the finest fresh olives. Sparta Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the finest fresh olive oils with acidity between 0.25% and 0.35%, by far exceeding the global standard for extra virgin olive oil, set to 0.8% and with fine organoleptic characteristics. We also produce in limited quantities a premium organic, extra virgin olive oil.