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Our exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced, harvested and bottled with mechanical means only from the finest fresh olives. Sparta Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the finest fresh olive oils with acidity between 0.25% and 0.35%, by far exceeding the global standard for extra virgin olive oil, set to 0.8% and with fine organoleptic characteristics. Our Silver Award prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil described by NYIOOC Judges as:

A Delicate Blend from Greece.

Aromas of green fruit, green grass, tomato and notes of green almond. Taste exhibits medium fruitness, green grass, some sweetness, some bitterness, light pungency and notes of artichoke, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence.



Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An extra ordinary, limited quantity, extra virgin olive oil of unique ultra low acidity ≈0.2%.

Packed in fine tins for maximum protection and duration.




First Green Gold handpicked hand selected

By end September every year, in Sparta Groves we start a very selective harvest. This is our FIRST GREEN GOLD harvest. In selected groves of Athinoelia cultivar, which is the oldest Greek cultivar,  considering to be the flagship of the Greek olive trees,  our teams of people start hand picking the valuable green olives.
When we say hand picking,  we mean hand picking,  but not only. Tables are set in the groves and as soon as the olives are in the baskets,  are emptied for a second hand selection process.
Pressed, stepped, damaged, foot stepped olives and leaves are taken out. That’s a ten percentage of our harvest, before placed again in the baskets and then taken to the mill the very same evening.
In our mill,  we use fresh clean water to wash the olives and new washed drums, before we start the cold press process. A long, costly process,  on which we accept no compromise and we are proud of it.
Our precious extra premium extra virgin olive oil is not stored in tanks for weeks or months. The day after is pressed we are bottling it as this is the way fresh olive oils should be treated.We bottle our precious olive oil in a basic common bottle, the square,  so called Marasca bottle. Then as soon as bottling is done, we hand wrap the bottles in recycle paper. For underline the limited and uniqueness of our olive oil, all bottles are individually numbered. Therefore our First Green Gold, same as all our extra virgin olive oils, are stored in our warehouse in a controlled temperature at 15C.
This is not something new; we just follow the same practice as our forefathers did for ages. They were storing their olive oil in their dark breezy cellars,  in to preserve it during of the Mediterranean heat.
The results of this long and costly process are impressive. The low acidity and especially the oleocanthal and oleacein concentrations in especially our FIRST GREEN GOLD  are so many times higher than the average of  olive oils sold in the market.The European Union Commission, Regulation ( EU) No 432/2012 allows an important health claim on olive oils that states “Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”
The daily consumption of 20g of the analyzed olive oil sample provides 22mg of hydrotyrosol, tyrosol or their derivatives (>5mg) and consequently the oil belongs to the category of oils that protects. It should be noted that oleocanthal and oleacein present important biological activity with properties similar to those of ibuprofen ( Motrin, Nurofen, Advil, Nuprin) and they have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. The levels of oleocanthal and oleacein are higher than average values of the samples included in the international study performed at the University of California, Davis and Prokopis Magiatis, Associate Professor, Athens University Faculty of Pharmacy.
All in a natural product,  without any side effects. Even today the older people in Greece, especially those from olive production regions, they start their day with a soupspoon of raw olive oil, same as our forefathers have been doing for millenniums.




Our organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with care, made from the finest and most precious olives of organic farming, cold pressed.

Elevates quality to highest level.

When elsewhere the usual oil yield per tree is approximately ten liters, in SPARTA GROVES our olive trees yield only three to five liters of olive oil.

This gives a rich taste while our organic farming reflects our responsibility to the enviroment.

Certified by BIO HELLAS.

2015-04-22 - 13-26-09 - MAG_5721 - Sparta by Mathias Guillin - 4000x_TEL.jpgAROMATISED

Gourmet extra virgin olive oils, aromatised with various natural fruit extracts such Lime, Wasabi, Chilly, or Pesto, are ideal for healthy use in your cooking, salads or dips.

Packed in glass bottles of 250ml.

2015-04-22 - 13-45-08 - MAG_5730 - Sparta by Mathias Guillin - 4000x_TEL.jpgSEASONED

Exceptional extra virgin olive oil seasoned with natural hand picked herbes such as oregano, thyme, garlic and natural lemon juice.

Ideal for your cooking or grilling fish or meat dishes, salads or dips.

Packed in white glass bottles of 250ml.

2015-04-22 - 12-16-24 - MAG_5686 - Sparta by Mathias Guillin - 4000x_TEL.jpgFLAVORED

Gourmet exceptional extra virgin olive oils favored with various natural fruit extracts such as Blood Orange, Truffle, Basil and Chocolate. Robust flavors that wil fascinate your sense of taste with their extremely rich aromas and taste.

Ideal for healthy use in cooking, grilling, salads or dips, used also in Ice creams!!!

Packed in fine tins of 250ml.